Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

A short hate fueled dissertation on rush hour misanthropy

How can there be so many working people in the area I live alone? I thought Germany had such big unemployment issues, but if you ask me, our problem is that we've got much too much people going to work at 7 AM (what is it with us having to work that fucking early in Germany?), crowding my busses, obstructing my sidewalk, either giving me weird looks without a goddamn reason OR not giving anyone any look at all, having bad breath, farting and pretending not to notice their own fart, guzzling stinking liverwurst sandwidches, giving each other evil looks, yawning, lethargically bumping into everybody (especially myself) as if they're some kind of zombies, choking down a cough or burp, letting out a cough, snuffling extremely loudly, KEEPING OTHERWISE COMPLETELY SILENT, and if they do meet someone they know, whispering.

SUBHUMAN SCUM. Fuck off and die.

If I were Master of the Universe and still had to use public transport, I would have special powers (not retard powers, but superhero powers) that would enable me to generate a force field powerful enough to dash everyone out of the windows so that I could have the whole vehicle for myself. Another possibility would be to have a devoted fellowship of wolves (I'm thinking of Insanity Wolves) that scare everybody out, than chase them and hunt them down like rabbits. I dream of an intestine covered, blood soiled, damping ground...

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