Freitag, 13. August 2010


- Only fags and posers live in the inner city, macchiato sipping wannabe intellectual scum. Misanthropic, euphorically depressive, borderline autistic, strong, vigorous, fair and handsome Übermen like myself prefer the suburbs, clean, wide, ugly, boring and dangerous.

- Music died around the year 2000. Nothing innovative came after that. Nothing but variations of much too well known themes.

- If you think all music that's been recorded after the year 2000 sucks ass, you probably live in the inner city.

- Real men work hard or work out. Or both. Or they kill bears with their bare hands. You might object that Humphrey Bogart didn't work hard, nor did he work out. Well, Bogart played real men, asshole.

- Darkthrone is the best band in the world.

- Punkrock died with GG Allin. Don't even dare to call yourself a fucking rebel, unless you have the balls to perform naked and take a shit onstage and smear your face with your excrements and fight the whole fucking world and go down in flames. Begging and drinking beer on the streets and wearing a mohawk doesn't make you a punk, you misguided fashion victim, motherfucker, piece of shit. Get the fuck back back to your mom's house and grow out of adolescence, then reconsider if you really have the guts to REBEL. Rebellion is either a death sentence or you don't fucking call it rebellion.

- Neither does persisting in listening to your shitty records on vinyl or dee-jaying solely with vinyl make you a punk. How could you even come up with the idea of standing up for punk rock by being as blimpish as can be? Punk rock doesn't need your piteous stance, and the world doesn't need it, and noone needs it, noone needs you, fuck off.

- Clubs, congregations, unions, subcultures are for dumbasses who want nothing more than to adapt to some kind of society. Only cowards feel the urge to band together and adapt to a code of behavior and appearance so they can feel good about themselves. Your social marginality is a gift, dumbass. It's what makes you special. Don't waste it by joining a stupid fucking movement. True greatness is achieved only by those swimming against all streams, not only the main stream. The kind of conformity you're living and defending is dangerous and deadly. I'll fucking bite your head off if I ever meet you.

- Heavy Metal is like France. France would be the greatest country in the world, if it weren't for its inhabitants. Heavy Metal would be the greatest musical genre in the world if it weren't for its fans.

- Real men listen to Heavy Metal.

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